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Interview mit dem Trainer Nikolai Tønnesen

Nikolai Tønnesen
Seit Herbst 2012 trainiert der Däne Nikolai Tønnesen im Projekt Badminton am OSZ Mals sieben Schülerinnen und Schüler: Julian Paulmichl, Lukas Osele und Marah Punter besuchen die FOWI. Andreas Stocker, Kevin Strobl, Hannah Strobl und Jana Pazeller sind im SOGYM eingeschrieben. Sie sind Teil der italienischen Nationalmannschaft. Das Interview führten Bernadette Höllrigl und Michaela Parth.

OSZ Mals: “Could you shortly introduce yourself, please? (age, education, job…)”

Nikolai Tønnesen:
“Age: 35
Education: Teacher in math, biology, sports and physics/chemistry.
The highest level in the Danish badminton coach education.
Job: Head coach ASV Mals Badminton, Badminton coach for the Oberschule players and U17 National coach for Denmark.
Before I came to Mals I worked in some Danish clubs and Badminton Denmark (Badminton association of Denmark).
For Badminton Denmark I worked in the coaches’ education and as a video coach for the National Team (the world championship and Olympic group).”


OSZ Mals: “Why and how did you decide to come to Mals?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “You could say I came to Mals because of Facebook. Via a friend I heard that they were seeking a coach in Italy, so I made contact and was invited to come and check out Mals - and of cause to be checked out myself.
I enjoy travelling and getting to know new cultures, so coming to Mals was a good opportunity to just that.”


OSZ Mals: “Mals is a small village and the next big city is pretty far away. Do you still like living here?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “For sure Mals is a lot smaller than where I lived in Denmark but I must say I like very much to live in Mals. I very much like the tranquility and the life in the mountains.”


OSZ Mals: “What is the impression you got about the Badminton project at the OSZ Mals?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “I think that it is very good that the badminton players have the opportunity to train and excel in their sport. However, I would like to see the badminton project as part of the Sportoberschule with the same possibilities as the other athletes. The players are already outstanding by Italian standards and I would like to see if they also could be good on European level.”


OSZ Mals: “What are the goals you would like your Badminton players to achieve?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “I would like my players to achieve all of their goals in badminton and their personal life.
It is not up to me to make the goals for the players. One of my goals for the school project is to give the players the chance to fulfill their potential as badminton players.
For the club ASV Mals I would like us to do good in the seria A next season - to reach the play-offs would be a dream.”


OSZ Mals: “Is there any difference regarding the role Badminton plays in Italy compared to Denmark?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “In Denmark it is one of the bigger sports with a long tradition of good results at the highest level - 2 medals in London 2012 (bronze and silver).
In Italy badminton is still a small sport and also quite young with not so many international results as yet.”


OSZ Mals: “What language do you use during your training?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “In the training I speak mostly English along with my homemade German and a little bit dialect.”


OSZ Mals: “Have you picked up any dialect words in the past months? If yes, which ones?”
Nikolai Tønnesen: “I have picked up some dialect words. Everyday words like hello and goodbye - stuff like that.
Some of the players taught me to say Orckatzelschwarf (Eichhörnchenschwanz - I can't spell it!), but so far I haven't had a chance to use it in a sentence.”


OSZ Mals: “Danke für das Gespräch.”

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