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What can I expect?

The Oberschulzentrum Mals has been offering the opportunity to choose the main focus on ice hockey since the school year 2018/19. In cooperation with the Vinschgau ice hockey clubs Prad and Latsch talented young players have the opportunity to combine school and sport in an optimal way.
You can choose this focus in the school types Fachoberschule für Wirtschaft (Technical College of Economics) and Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium (Social Science High School).


All students who already practise ice hockey regularly with a club are accepted.


The goal of the offer is a professional promotion of the students’ interest in sports or their talents in connection with their school education. This takes place independently of any club and is intended to offer the students optimal sports support.


The Vinschgau ice hockey clubs Prad and Latsch are responsible for the sporting part of this offer.
Prof. Heiko Hauser acts as school coordinator of the focus on ice hockey and is therefore in charge of it.
Thus, it is guaranteed that the school and sports activities of the ice hockey focus at the Oberschulzentrum Mals are optimally regulated.


Students with longer journeys to school can be accommodated in the dormitories “Gamperheim” or “Malserhof”.
Contact us:
Gamperheim, Phone: 0473 831261
Malserhof, Phone: 0473 831551