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What can I expect?

School focus Tennis

The Oberschulzentrum Mals has been offering the opportunity to choose the main focus on tennis since the school year 2014/15. It is aimed at students who want to pursue a dual education of school and sports. Several years of experience in regular club training and national FIT-tournaments (the FIT classification is also taken into account) is required. If an aptitude test is required, it consists of technical-tactical tests and game rehearsals.


The goal of the offer is a professional promotion of the students’ interest in sports or their talents in connection with school education. This support is independent of any particular club and is intended to offer the students an optimal sporting development.


In this programme we work together with the Pro-Tennis School and the ASV Mals Tennis. The school’s training plans are drawn up after consultation with the clubs where the students can still train and play. A coach assigned by us is responsible for the training at school.