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Mission statement

Performance - Humanity - Autonomy
for a successful life

The High School Center “Claudia von Medici” Mals is a learning organization with three types of school: Social Science High School (SOGYM) with a focus on national economy, Technical High School for Economics (FOWI) with a focus on administration, finance and marketing and the Sports High School (Sport) with a regional focus on alpine sports.

We use our location in the border triangle in the Upper Vinschgau as an opportunity to grow with the surrounding area and its special features in terms of education, sport, culture and business. Good contact with the local population and cooperation with local social, economic and sporting institutions and established companies are of central importance.

At the heart of our school philosophy is open, independent, autonomous learning with all its diversity and individuality. The core question of our school philosophy is: How can learning be sustainable? We reflect on the latest scientific findings in neurobiology, personality psychology and pedagogy. We continue our education together and personally.

We develop professional, social and personal skills in a balanced and open way. Learning together is our core business. We teach and learn with our heads, hearts and hands.

Our school community cultivates a welcoming culture and is open to new ideas. Pupils work independently to a high degree, organizing their learning themselves, accompanied, supervised and advised by their teachers.

There is also room at our school for young people with special needs and talents. The teachers and everyone who works at the school have a positive attitude towards themselves and the young people and promote their strengths.

A good relationship with the young people and their parents is important to us. Many issues are resolved together with them. The young people play an active role in shaping everyday school life and the school community. We value participation highly.

The school community at Oberschulzentrum “Claudia von Medici” Mals works together, promotes a sense of belonging to the school and preserves the autonomy it has developed. Inter-school, inter-class and interdisciplinary projects are part of everyday school life.

3 Leitsätze

1. Wir begegnen einander mit Würde und Respekt. Wir gehen freundlich, achtsam und rücksichtsvoll miteinander um.

2. Mit unserem Verhalten tragen wir zu einem Lernklima bei, das sowohl den Einzelnen als auch die Lerngemeinschaft fördert.

3. Wir nutzen die uns zur Verfügung stehenden schulischen und privaten Kommunikations- und Informationsmittel sinnvoll und der jeweiligen Lernsituation angepasst und gemessen.