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The high esteem of inclusion at OSZ Mals is reflected in the current three-year plan, where it is anchored as one of the three pillars of our school.

The inclusion team (since its creation consisting of teachers from a wide range of disciplines, integration staff, school management staff and an administrative staff member) has set itself the goal of paving the way for inclusion, which should be seen as an obvious part of our school as of our whole society. In this way, each member of the school community should be involved in everyday school life and teaching in the best possible way and be promoted in his or her individual competences and abilities.


Especially through the awareness project “in the shoes of the other”, the students learn how it feels to live with an impairment by going through different steps (theory, stories told by parents of students with special needs, practical exercises…)

“Have patience to understand my ways. They may be longer, maybe I need more time because I want to make several attempts. Let me make mistakes and take effort, because I can learn from it.”

Maria Montessori