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Social education

An overview regarding “social education” considering the current annual activity plan
The current annual activity plan of the OSZ Mals shows various initiatives, measures, subject-specific and interdisciplinary units, projects, workshops,
expert lectures, etc., which show that this legal requirement is already being taken into account to a large extent, even without school members constantly being aware of it.

Awareness and raising awareness of what already exists, what has already been tried out, an overall concept.
The next step will be to make the school community more aware and to pour all these individual measures and initiatives into an overall concept that is respects and reflects the school programme and is person – independent, so that it can lead to a meaningful, continuous didactic approach.

Focus on “political education”“
A further step will be that political education will be given priority in the context of this “cross-disciplinary learning area of social education” at the OSZ Mals. On the basis of a “compass for political education” and corresponding initiatives, students should learn to participate actively, independently, with sufficient responsibility, in the democratically organized society and to participate in shaping the democratically constituted society, endowed with the appropriate expertise and with critically reflective judgment.

Media literacy

Students grow up with the internet, social media and smartphones. Everyday life is becoming increasingly digital and the new media world is ubiquitous. Media literacy means being thoughtful and informed about participating in the new media world and being able to assess its opportunities and risks correctly. The guiding principle of media literacy is “digital independence”. This paper is a practical introduction to this.