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Language courses and Work and Travel

Language courses in summer

If you want to deepen your language skills, get to know new people and the culture of other countries, but have little time (e.g. during summer or semester holidays) then a languagetrip is the right thing for you!

A stay of two to three weeks is recommended here.
For information on language travel providers, go to the Infopoint in the library where you can find brochures that have been sent to the school, or go to:

Here more detailed information on the access requirements:

Information for 18-year-olds and for the period after the state final examination

Are you already 18 years old and looking for additional ways to promote your language skills, travel the world cost-effectively and possibly earn pocket money? Then one of these offers could be right for you now or for the time after the state final exam:

  • Work and Travel,
  • Volunteering abroad,
  • Farm & Ranch Work,
  • Au pair
  • Childcare/ Jobben in Summer Camps,
  • work placements and holiday jobs abroad or in the rest of Italy;

Here are some valuable tips on all these possibilities:

For further information, please visit the Language Promotion Infopoint in the library where you can find brochures that have been sent to the school.