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School twinning

As a school in the border triangle (CH, AT, IT), cultural exchange has always been at the heart of the education.

Schigymnasium Stams (A)

In 2003 a school partnership was sealed with the Skigymansium Stams. Within the framework of this partnership, annual joint teacher and trainer further education take place. Similarly, joint EU projects with different topics are repeatedly initiated.
Joint trainings are carried out.

HAK Imst (A)

For years the ÜFA’s of the OSZ Mals and those of the HAK Imst have been working closely together, exchanging information and visiting each other regularly. Together, they take part in ÜFA trade fairs in Austria and Italy and are constantly expanding their economic knowledge as well as their language skills.

Green Mountain Valley School (Vermont, USA)

Since 2000, there has been an annual student exchange with GMVS, a private school for winter sports enthusiasts in Vermont (USA). Fifteen students of the High School Center of the third and fourth forms attend the school in the eastern USA at the end of May – beginning of June.
The exchange students from the USA visit the OSZ Mals in winter, train with the sports groups in Mals and take part in competitions.

LBS Emma Hellenstainer Brixen

The school has been working with the regional vocational school Emma Hellenstainer for years, regularly exchanging information with the partner school on topics such as open learning culture and school development and within the framework of the network of alternative competence-oriented assessment concepts.