• Oberschulzentrum Mals (Foto: Manuel Pazeller)


External evaluation 2015/2016

The Oberschulzentrum Mals is one of the six schools that volunteered to an external evaluation by the evaluation office for the German school in a special form in the school year 2015/16, namely the testing of the interlocking of internal and external evaluation.

The external evaluation included:

  • a document analysis at the school (school program, digital class book, homepage, etc.)
  • a written and anonymous survey of the pupils, teachers, trainers and parents
  • a school visit with lesson observations on 25.01.2016
  • the preparation of the feedback report for the school
  • discussion of the feedback report with the headmaster of the school
  • a presentation of the report to the teaching staff on 16.02.2016
  • the transmission of the feedback report to the school, the head of the school administration or the department director

Here you will find the summary feedback report of the evaluation office as well as the result reports on the questionnaires of the students (separated into SOGYM-FOWI and SPORTOBERSCHULE), teachers, trainers and parents.

Evaluation of the headmaster (April 2014)

On April 14, 2014, the headmaster Dr. Gustav Tschenett asked the teachers to evaluate his work by questionnaire through the online platform “IQES online”. The results of the evaluation can be downloaded here as PDF.

External evaluation of the school (October 2009)

This report is the result of the external evaluation carried out by the evaluation office of the school board.
Dr. Bernhard Hölzl and Dr. Helmuth von Dellemann conducted a school visit from 26 to 28 October 2009.
- Here you can find the report of the external evaluation OSZ “Claudia von Medici” Mals.