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What can I expect?

In close cooperation with the ASV Mals Badminton and the F.I.Ba. (Federazione Italiana Badminton), the Oberschulzentrum Mals has been offering talented young athletes the opportunity to combine school and sport in an optimal way since the 2010/2011 school year.

Since January 2017 there is the pilot project: Territorial Technical Centre “VOLA IN AZZURRO” – Mals of F.I.Ba. (Federazione Italiana Badminton) in collaboration with the Oberschulzentrum Claudia von Medici Mals (OSZM) and the Badminton Section of ASV Mals. A further important step has been taken to optimise this sport.


It is aimed at students who want to pursue a dual education of school and sport, who are successful nationally and competitive in their age group. Entry is possible in both school types (FOWI, SOGYM) in each school level, also possible in higher classes. The young sportsmen and sportswomen who have passed the aptitude test are accepted. Registrations for the aptitude test are accepted at the administration office until March 15. The aptitude test takes place in April.


The goal of the offer is a professional promotion of the students’ interest in sports or their talents in connection with their school education. This takes place independently of any club and is intended to offer the students an optimal sporting development. The goal is to be accepted at the national training base in Milan after the final state examination.