• Oberschulzentrum Mals (Foto: Manuel Pazeller)



Interreg Project: Preventive Performance Training

The High School Centre Mals and the Boarding School Association for professional skiers Stams work with the greatest talents in the field of winter sports in both regions. Maintaining health and reaching the best developments in sports through preventive measures is a very important goal for the schools, but it is even more a priority when looking at the future of the athletes from both regions. Problems arise due to the increased risk of injury due to the latest developments in the material sector. As a result, targeted, preventive preparation of the athletes is becoming increasingly important. Risks are minimized and long-term rehabilitation costs are reduced. The increased risk of injury can be reduced by a scientifically supervised training control system, which is individually tailored to the athletes. The development of the athlete is thus optimized. This cross-border cooperation offers the opportunity to review and optimize different approaches to training management. The challenge lies in aligning two different school and training realities (different legislation and traditions).

Performance diagnostics and sports orthopedic screening

Goals: professional, age-appropriate and individual training control

Inter-regional project, together with “Schigymnasium Stams” 2017-2019, data collection, special test methods – ergospirometry in connection with lactate diagnostics

Tests: twice a year
Preventive screening by sports orthopedists at the time of school entry, another during the 4 school years. Prevention of dropouts

Training of coaches, with special focus on individual talent development

Professionals, financing via “Interreg”

Interreg service

Test results in particular for endurance sports (cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski mountaineering) for all classes.
Detection of injuries, misalignments can be treated in good time: number of diagnoses
Dropouts: How many athletes have dropped out of school or competitive sports?